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Preventive care – a checkup and dental hygiene tips

We recommend our patients to have regular dental checkups every six months. An early diagnose allows a dentist to recognize potential problems with tooth and gums and prevent them effectively.

During a checkup, a dentist will examine your teeth and gums, provide you with the advice about efficient dental care and thereafter answer all your questions.


The removal of soft and hard deposits

Soft dental deposits (plaque), hard dental deposits (tartar) and pigmentation are not only aesthetically unpleasant, but they also represent a sticky layer of germs and food leftovers which, if not removed regularly, can cause serious teeth and gum diseases.

The treatment is conducted in the following manner:

Ultrasonic cleaning – a completely noninvasive and painless method for removal of hard deposits which cannot be removed by regular tooth brushing.

Air polishing (sandblasting) – after ultrasonic cleaning has been conducted, air polishing by a dental sandblaster Air Flow will follow.


Application of Dental Sealants

Application of dental sealants is an effective procedure which is conducted in order to prevent the occurrence of dental caries on chewing surfaces of molar and premolar teeth in the period when teeth are highly prone to caries activity (in the age range from 6 to 7).
Dental sealants can protect teeth up to 10 years. The procedure is absolutely painless and lasts only a few minutes.


Fluoride Treatment

A Fluoride Treatment makes teeth more resistant to dental caries and stimulates teeth remineralization while preventing the existing carious lesions to improve. In order to achieve this the following is utilized:

Fluoride solutions

The procedure requires a direct application of fluoride to teeth surface and does not last long. Depending on the dental health of the patient, it could be repeated every 3, 6 or 12 months.