The private dentist clinic Dr. Minić Belgrade
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The private dentist clinic Dr. Minić Belgrade


Our mission and goal is maintenance and improvement of oral health. This is achieved through the continuous education of our employees, new technology introduction, improvement of patient-doctor communication, workspace arrangement and adherence to work and safe regulations. We are proud of our rich experience in the field and high patient satisfaction.

Dental tourism

Nowadays Belgrade is a very attractive destination for travel and dental tourism.
With its high quality stomatological services and affordable prices, Belgrade is recognized as a desirable destination for professional stomatological treatments, especially dental implants.

Dental clinic "dr Minić" offers you a DENTAL TOURIST PACKAGE that includes the professional stomatological treatment at special prices.




Cosmetic dentistry Dentist Belgrade Dental Office Serbia

Cosmetic dentistry

Various teeth whitening methods are of crucial importance in cosmetic dentistry. A beautiful smile gives a person greater self-confidence and radiates vitality and the joy of life.

Implantology Dentist Belgrade Dental Office Serbia


When a patient is missing one or more of their teeth, a dentist has to decide what would be a best way to replace the missing teeth. Therefore, dental implants are a best solution in this case.

Dental surgery Dentist Belgrade Dental Office Serbia

Dental surgery

The following summarizes just some of the treatment options on offer.

Periodontal surgery Dentist Belgrade Dental Office Serbia

Periodontal surgery

Periodontitis is a widely spread chronic disease which leads to the gradual gum withdrawal, bone loss, development of periodontal pockets, while loosening and loss of teeth occur in the later stages.

Dental prosthetics Dentist Belgrade Dental Office Serbia

Dental prosthetics

Dental prosthetics is the area of dentistry that focuses on missing teeth replacement, the prevention of secondary consequences occurring after teeth loss and the improvement of overall teeth appearance in the given circumstances.

Jaw orthopedics Dentist Belgrade Dental Office Serbia

Jaw orthopedics

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry which is concerned with the correction of irregular arrangement of teeth as well as disproportionate jaw relationships which occur during a child’s growth and development, and later.

Preventive care Dentist Belgrade Dental Office Serbia

Preventive care

We recommend our patients to have regular dental checkups every six months. An early diagnose allows a dentist to recognize potential problems with tooth and gums and prevent them effectively.

Conservative and endodontic therapy Dentist Belgrade Dental Office Serbia

Conservative and endodontic therapy

Conservative dentistry focuses on the early diagnosis of dental caries which allows the progression of tooth decay to be stopped with the minimal tooth loss, compensate for the lost part of the tooth and preserve its function.


CEREC AC technology

Now you can be in and out in a single visit to the dentist with a top-quality crown! This technology involves computer-aided design and manufacture (3D modeling and printing) of the crown restoration. Patients love it!

CEREC AC system makes it possible to repair the damaged tooth in just one visit to the dentist. The first step is to remove all tooth decay which will be followed by the application of titanium dust to the tooth. A special camera will take a detailed picture of the tooth, which will be transposed onto the computer screen allowing the dentist to design the final restoration. Thereafter the crown will be milled from one solid block of ceramic by a CEREC AC device. It will be painted, placed in a ceramic oven to produce the final glaze and bonded to the tooth.

CEREC AC technology makes a visit to the dentist more comfortable and less time-consuming,
and no one really wants to spend too much time sitting in the dentist chair!

The private dentist clinic Dr. Minić


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