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What are dental implants?

A tooth consists of a crown (the part which lies above the gum line) and a root (the part below the gum line which lies in the jawbone). When a patient is missing one or more of their teeth, a dentist has to decide what would be a best way to replace the missing teeth. Therefore, dental implants are a best solution in this case.

Implants are titanium "screws" or cylinders which are placed in the jawbone where a tooth is missing and act as its root. After the osseointegration period which lasts between 2 and 4 months, an abutment is attached to the “screw” and its role is to support a crown. In this way a dental implant can fully replace a missing tooth!

Implants are absolutely biocompatible with the surrounding tissues, which mean that there is no allergic reaction or foreign body rejection. The procedure lasts around 30 minutes and this is a completely safe and painless intervention which is conducted under local anesthesia. Implant placement stabilizes the bone and prevent its loss. Apart from replacing the missing teeth, implants help maintaining the jawbone's shape and density. This means that they indirectly support the soft tissues in the mouth and cheeks as well.

Therefore, dental implants will allow complete functional and aesthetic rehabilitation of a patient. This functionality allows social, psychological and physical well-being!

Why Mini Dental Implants?

Patients wearing dental dentures can benefit greatly from the application of mini implants. A significant number of these patients do not have enough jawbone which is necessary for denture stabilization and retention. The application of mini implants improves denture stabilization and chewing efficiency. Dental dentures which are stabilized by mini implants can help patients to regain their self-confidence, especially when it comes to speaking and chewing.

The application of mini implants is a painless and safe intervention which is conducted under local anesthesia. Mini implants could be placed in the jawbone through a mucous membrane without a surgical incision. In comparison with standard dental implants, mini implants can be loaded immediately.

Postoperative recovery does not last long and is not accompanied by any serious symptoms.