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Nowadays Belgrade is a very attractive destination for travel and dental tourism.
With its high quality stomatological services and affordable prices, Belgrade is recognized as a desirable destination for professional stomatological treatments, especially dental implants.

Dental clinic "dr Minić" offers you a DENTAL TOURIST PACKAGE that includes the professional stomatological treatment at special prices.

Our dental tourist package includes:

1. Free consultation
Send us your digital orthopan and your contact details by e-mail
Based on a detailed analysis of the orthopan we will suggest you a preliminary therapy plan.

2. Treatment agreement
According to your timetable and activities we will schedule an appointment, as well as a duration of your stay in Belgrade. We will give you the best offer.

3. Travel arrangements
Transfer from the airport to the accommodation facilities will also be provided. If you're interested, there is a possibility of organizing the complete stay in Belgrade.

4. Return home with a happy smile
Return home happy with your new smile!
We take care of you even after the treatment through yearly checkups.

Arrangement of the appointment:
Arrange your dental appointment on time. Take care of your dental health!
The dentist clinic Dr. Minić offers you an opportunity to make an appointment using our on-line form.
Please fill the form correctly with all required data and we will contact you as soon as possible.