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The following summarizes just some of the treatment options on offer:

Removal (extraction) of teeth and root remains.

Wisdom teeth removal.

Apicoectomy is applied in order to preserve teeth which are not adequately healed by a root canal treatment and eliminate a focus of infection. In this way a tooth removal is avoided. The surgical intervention is conducted under local anesthesia and is safe and painless.

Cystectomy is a removal of dental cysts (both growing and inflammatory ones).

Sinuplasty is a procedure where the sinus, which is often opened during a tooth extraction, is being closed.

Sinus lift (sinus graft or sinus augmentation) is an oral surgical procedure which aims to increase the height of bone in the upper jaw in the area of premolar and molar teeth and prepare the site for the future placement of dental implants. There are many reasons for this:

The loss of the bone mass (resorption) after the tooth extraction (after the longer period of time starting from the tooth extraction until the implant placement)
As a consequence of periodontitis
There is not enough bone mass under the maxillary sinus to anchor the implant

The surgical procedure is preceded by the analysis of 3D shots. The intervention starts by making an incision in the gum (gingiva). After this has been done, a surgeon pulls up tissue revealing the lateral boney wall of the sinus where a” window” is being cut. Then a thin membrane covering the sinus is lifted up and bone graft material (Bio-Oss) is placed into the newly created space. In this way the bone mass will be increased and the site for the implant placement is prepared. After the period of 3 to 6 months an implant will be placed. The surgical intervention is conducted under the local anesthesia and it is completely painless.

Pre-prosthetic preparation is a surgical intervention where the optimal conditions for the denture placement are created by the removal of the irregularities in the jaw bone ridge and soft tissues.

Leveling the alveolar ridge

Removal of hypertrophic soft tissue



Autogenous tooth transplantation - a procedure to compensate for the bone loss.