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Dental prosthetics is the area of dentistry that focuses on missing teeth replacement, the prevention of secondary consequences occurring after teeth loss and the improvement of overall teeth appearance in the given circumstances. In order to achieve these, the following is utilized at our clinic: metal-ceramic crowns and bridges, all-ceramic crowns and bridges, ceramic inlays and onlays, ceramic veneers, complete and partial dentures, and skeleton dentures with attachments and telescopic crowns.

All-ceramic crowns and bridges

These are dental restorations made of zirconium dioxide, aluminum and compressed ceramics which allow the increased light porosity and natural reflection. In this way the maximum aesthetic effects are achieved, which is of the highest importance for the front teeth region (the part of the teeth which are visible when smiling).

Apart from cosmetic values, these dental restorations can offer patients the following advantages:

exceptional mechanical properties
they are less prone to accumulating plaque and consequently there is less risk involved that gum inflammation or withdrawal will occur
there is no risk that a metal allergy will develop
there is no gum discoloration (the change in color)or corrosive processes as a consequence of the presence of dissimilar metals in the mouth

Ceramic veneers

These aree thin pieces of porcelain (1-mm thick) which are permanently placed over the tooth.
They are produced by a dental technician in a dental laboratory or through the usage of CAD/CAM technology.
They are a great option for aesthetic improvement and with the minimal removal of the natural tooth structure it is possible to change a tooth color, position and shape as well as the gap between teeth (diastema). Ceramic veneers are not used if the teeth position and shape should be significantly changed. In that case all-ceramic crowns are utilized.

Ceramic inlays and onlays

Teeth damaged by caries can be remediated by the application of ceramic inlays and onlays which have unsurpassed aesthetic properties. They can be produced by the usage of an impression of the teeth after decay removal or CAD/CAM technology. CAD/CAM is a process where ceramic inlays and onlays are milled from solid blocks of ceramic. Regardless of how they are produced, they will be cemented in place.

Metal-ceramic crowns and bridges

It is recommended that these restorations are used in the lateral area and there are several reasons for this:

fractured (broken teeth)
large fillings
healed teeth
teeth gap filling if more than one tooth is missing
the recovery of speech and chewing ability


Complete and partial dentures

If all teeth are missing, then a compete denture is the right solution.
A partial denture is used if a patient has only few teeth and there are not enough of them to support fixed prosthesis. It should be noted that the usage of both types of dentures has been reduced over time due to the growing popularity of dental implants.