The private dentist clinic Dr. Minić Belgrade

Conservative and Endodontic Therapy Dentist Belgrade Dental Office


Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry focuses on the early diagnosis of dental caries which allows the progression of tooth decay to be stopped with the minimal tooth loss, compensate for the lost part of the tooth and preserve its function.

At the dental clinic Dr. Minic a wide range of high-quality composite materials possessing outstanding mechanic and aesthetic qualities are available in various colors and shades. The application of white composite filling will ensure the natural look and feel after the tooth has been repaired.


Endodontic therapy

Endodontic therapy deals with the root canal therapy. This treatment is necessary to keep the teeth alive and preserve its function.

A few decades ago, the root therapy was often painful. Due to the development in local anesthetics, the majority of our patients would compare their experience with the filling procedure.

The clinic is equipped with a device for the mechanical root canal preparation which allows the full therapeutic effect to be reached. In addition, an apex locator is used to determine the apex position.

After the root canal filling procedure has been done, the X-ray check will be conducted in order to achieve the best healing results.